Sunday, June 9, 2013

Foundations on top of Foundations

Foundations are a tricky beast. You can do things with them using cheats (like that one with friezes) although wall warping from adding doors makes it undesirable right now. The good news is we're getting more control over them in the upcoming Island Paradise patch, but it doesn't look like we're able to get around the warped wall issue as of yet. Only time will tell...

Here's what I've been able to manage in the meantime:

See that sunken room?
Here's a closer look...
You can create sunken areas like this (makes a great den, or at least gives you a 'hole' in the foundation that'll allow basement access if you have room for stairs), but it's a bit of a pain when you've got a 2nd floor and want to make sure that's evened out. Also, I got around the texture issue by using stone as seen here. I still can't put a door at ground level since things will stretch and warp but it beats nothing right? *sigh*

Although it's not really fair to say things like that. While TS3 is still around, it's our last chance to make it known that we want to break away from these limits. TS4 may be new and all but newer isn't always better.

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