Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dragon Valley and New Venue

I was already excited for DV when I caught a glimpse of all that CAS stuff! Now they had to go and release a supplementary venue that not only unlocks bonus content, it also presents you with the two items that won the community poll, the violin and the archery range!

I've been hearing that these items are tied to visible (not that hidden crud that only goes to level 3) skills. Archery is tied to your athletic skill, while violins are an entirely new musical instrument. Sadly, they're not compatible with LN bands. This is because they play entirely different music than what you'd hear in a jam session. Fine with me, I'd have hoped for a classical sounding tune or two but who's to say there isn't?

The dragons themselves seemed like a cute feature, although I'm really in it for the fantasy medievalish look. Anyone else finding the chamberpot hilarious?

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