Monday, February 18, 2013

TS3 Wishlist: Part 1

I'm happy to say that quite a few of the things from my original TS3 wishlist have already made it into the game, but I only just happened upon the old list recently on my old technomagic rant blog. Anyways here's a few of the things that came up...

Handheld Game Console

If we're getting into stuff like MP3 Players, a portable console doesn't seem so farfetched. How easy is it to picture a sim plunked on the couch, staring at the screen and mashing buttons? It's not all that different from the regular game playing animation. If you wanted to go a step further you could let the sims buy additional games for their console (it would come with a default one) and maybe some for the PC/regular console too. If nothing else it'd let you choose whether you want the skateboarding or car racing one. Otherwise it's just randomly chosen.

Vending Machines (Confirmed in University)

This could be simple to add in theory, click on the machine, choose your flavour in the pie menu and the sim presses a button. Maybe it only costs a couple of simoleons but it could help their hunger bar a little. Maybe add a beverage for vampires if you have late night (from what I do know about code, there used to be old HTML/Javascript tricks to prevent newer code executing on incompatible browsers, so in theory you may be able to find another way to do it).

Fountain Drinks & Smoothies

Like the kind at McDonald's or some other fast food place. Actually fast food places wouldn't be so bad as venues, they're a cheap place to eat, kind of like the coffee shop in Showtime VS the Restaurant. We got the ice cream maker and deep fryer, maybe we can have restaurants that serve food from them? Heck, genies and party guests as of seasons seem to be able to produce any kind of food installed in the game, why not use this mechanic to add recipes to the restaurant menu depending on which eps/store content you have installed?

And here's more of the stuff we'd (or at least I'd) like to see expanded...

Fruits and Vegetables for the Garden

Call me a Harvest Moon fanatic, but if we added bananas, we can add other things right? For example, we have limes. Do we have lemons yet? (yes) Any nuts or berries? How about other kinds of fruits and veggies? And of course with all this we'd need more recipes to use them with. Oh hell, let's give sims the option to microwave instant rice and noodles while we're at it (and order some chinese food). Popcorn might be good too! (mad love for the teppanyaki grill and the pizza oven <3)

Bar Food

Personally, I'd like to see Nachos, Shrimp Cocktail, Onion Rings and Hot Wings as food outside of a bar, assuming we even have onion rings (and I mean as a recipe that can be learned and executed by sims as part of the cooking skill). Poutine would seem like a classic too. Just have them served in those cardboard boxes with red checkered wax paper. there ya go!

Claw Machine (Confirmed in Supernatural)

To me, this seems like the kind of thing EA might consider anyway (and they did), but the concept is simple. Make a claw machine that for a few simoleons gives you a shot at a toy. Maybe you get one, maybe you don't. Or (just like in my experience irl) maybe you get more than one. Your sim can inspect their prize and either shrug, get excited, or maybe they shake their head (have it be a random thing, like with whether or not they like artwork or stuff they look at). These 'toys' can then be treated as collectible clutter items. Which is somewhat realistic. Or when you're done with them or get doubles you can start gifting away your prizes. Or maybe you want to display them in your room instead (great for kids' rooms).

Pool Toys (Confirmed in Seasons, still possible in Island Paradise)

Really, these are just essential for having a pool. Where are the diving boards and pool sides? Inner tubes might be a fun thing to play with too, or floating loungers (that sims can FLIP xD). I think noodles are trademarked though, damn... otherwise I liked those floating fountains and of course.. water guns! (supersoakers are trademarked but not if you call them water guns xD)

Also, kids need more toys in general. Aside from chess, maybe there can be boxed board games (checkers, the kind where you more around the board/monopoly/life, mahjong, Chinese checkers, simple puzzles, whatever else you could think of, I'm sure EA can think of ways to do enough variations), maybe card games? (Poker, BlackJack and Go Fish is all I ask! You can play with multiple sims too - thank you casino?) other than that there could be stuff to put in their rooms like music boxes, jewelry/makeup boxes and whatnot for girls, and other plush things for boys. There's actually a long list of clutter items I could think of and that's just to try and make on my own. And last but not last, there needs to be at least a boat for the bathtub, tub toys besides the duck.

 Now for the updated list, although some of these things should have been available in previous expansions...

  • Upright Pianos - Yeah they really should've had these in Late Night!
  • Bass Guitars - I guess they went with Jazz Bands for the Late Night scene but simmers want options too!
  • More (electric) Guitars! - This is just me personally but I feel we should have at least a guitar that looks like this or even this!
  • Pro Bars -  I've heard every reason why we won't/shouldn't get them in new expansions, but the fact is that EA has done some EP hopping before. I'm still not convinced that it's not possible for them to consider it, even indirectly.
  • Modern elevator designs - Well if we're going to run any kind of hotel or resort, a new elevator design couldn't hurt, and since hotels tend to have multiple floors anyhow, it might even fit in with the ep!
  • Escalators - These just go with elevators ok?
  • Punching bag - Both standing (look up wavemaster, they make them in different sizes) and hanging (also in different sizes)
  • Gymnastic skill - Mats, balance beams, horses and bars plz!
  • Yoga mat - People seem to want this anyway...
  • Exercise bike - My home gym is not complete without one!
  • Dance skill - Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom? etc.
  • Faithful trait - Because let's face it, flirty or overly friendly sims are just too much of a hassle!

I haven't run dry yet but there are a couple of features that need more fleshing out so I'll just dedicate those to their own blog posts later on.

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