Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sims 3 Store Content Reviews: Pizza Oven and Teppanyaki Grill!

It ended up costing me closer to 40 dollars CDN on sale (yikes) but I caved and got the World + 1900 simpoint bundle via PayPal. While it was an okay deal, the tax on top was what did me in. 20 dollars on sale but 35 dollars with the simpoints (a  20 dollar world plus nearly 20 dollars worth of points for 35 bucks was more attractive than a code in a box and nothing else even if I did like the box art) plus tax came so something like 39 dollars, but enough math, let's get to the goods!

The pizza oven comes with about a dozen unique recipes (more than the teppanyaki grill) and every sim in the household gets a positive moodlet when it's in use. I was lucky enough to have a couple of cold slices in the fridge to curb the resulting craving that ensued!

No longer will your sims need to order a pizza at the next party, you can have two different kinds (albeit they look smaller than the kind you order on the phone). Who cares? We can make our own pizza now! Also, who else is waiting for an orange cat to attempt to scoop up the lasagna?

Forever Alone... now in a Calzone
The Teppanyaki grill was a gift (thank you Tek), and the set is worth every penny. Not only do you get a selection of new recipes (if you like to designate a culinary sim in your families, this is the perfect gift for them), the items you get are nicely designed and fairly well made, and you get an assortment of new animations related to the grill. I haven't seen too much glitching from this one either *knocks on wood*

Now all the sims needs is Korean BBQ and we should be absolutely set! :D

Your sims can also try to Juggle Eggs or attempt the Onion Volcano trick
You may also be pleased to know that in a lot full of nothing but store items and regular game items (I hand picked the ones that seemed to pull my sims' attention the most), that was accidentally struck by a meteor (not to mention it was the first time this occurred in my game, naturally or no), the grill was the only object in the kitchen area that survived without so much as a scratch. The counters surrounding it (and their contents) all burned up. Now THAT'S good workmanship!

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