Saturday, February 2, 2013

In Game: HMO Sims at the Fall Festival


Well I was hoping to post something Seasons related before University came out, there's still plenty of time for a recording so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Anyways as per the last topic, someone pointed out that since Pro Bars are a big part of Late Night (the whole mixology skill) the chance of them coming back wouldn't be so hot. Plus, alot of the store content gets around that by having 'hidden' skills.  I'm still holding out hope since they did bring back an entire life state, right? Also, who's ever been to a resort without a bar?

In game today, I sent the gang to the fall festival. Festivals are a great place for performing sims like Nami, Toue and Vani to make money because they tend to attract more of a crowd than any old park. And of course, food and a washroom are (usually) close by. Today's participants were Vani, Ben, and Beard. One of the townies took the 4th spot.

Anybody noticing a Gothic theme here?
On your marks... Get set...

Is that the repoman?

She was hungry 0___0
Me, cheering them on...
Uh oh turnip... better hang onto that bull!
Until I was struck by an inexplicable craving for pop!
But just watching them makes me puke...

I really hope she doesn't have puke on her face... for everyone's sake!
How can she still be hungry?
Ben appears to... regret nothing?

Ben enters the haunted house...

...and can't handle scary things after eating (that pie filling does look like blood)

I'm hoping to do a recording soon, whether it be for livestream or a formal Youtube episode. In the meantime, stay tuned for more shenanigans!

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