Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pool Table (and Photo Booth) returning for University?

Remember how Showtime was the debut EP for pool tables? Since EA normally does the live chats with only the base game and currently featured EP installed (Seasons was supposed to be the exception because of the weather stone), I couldn't help but notice that there was a pool table in the student union building...

And what's more, one of the hosts pointed out that there was also a photo booth! Is it just me or is that two things from Showtime? Also, weren't coffee houses also introduced with that EP? Mind you, they were rabbit holes, the new ones are supposed to be open (hope for restaurants and bars yet?)

This isn't the first time EA has made EPs with content & features that had been previously introduced as part of another EP...

  • Bunk beds made their first appearance in Generations and returned for Supernatural
  • Hot tubs came with Outdoor Living and Late Night but have also shown up as Premium Content via the Sims 3 Store, and in multiple EPs
  • Arcade machines also came with Late Night but have shown up on the Sims 3 Store, and in other EPs/SPs
  • Fireworks first appeared with World Adventures but also appeared in Katy Perry Sweet Treats, Seasons, and as part of a free store set
  • The Vampire Life State was reintroduced (and expanded upon) from Late Night to Supernatural
  • Along with Vampires, Plasma Fruit and Plasma Juice (as well as their vegetarian counterparts) were available in both Late Night and Supernatural
  • Dance floors came with Late Night, although there is one available with Seasons

Given time I'm sure the community could think of more, although if they're going to re-release anything, I'd like to see more variations of Elevators and Pro Bars. Perhaps some spiral staircases (or spiral slides xD) One good sign is that pool tables are tied to a skill, as are professional bars!

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