Tuesday, January 8, 2013

University, Island Life... Time Travel?

Well it looks like we're going to see yet another... no wait. Not one, not two, but THREE new expansion packs! The Sims 3 University is due to be released sometime in March, followed by Island Paradise somewhere in June, and (I refuse to say lastly) an unnamed expansion pack reported to be about time travel and the future. Myself, I'm hoping they do NOT choose that one to end the sims 3 series. Some have (rightly) pointed out that it would be a fitting way to conclude the series, and while it's hard to deny that, I'm still in the group that wants to squeeze in just a bit more!

I've heard pleads for Farming, the return of Open for Business (which may or may not be lumped in with Island Paradise), carnivals, and much more! I'd like to see at least one more pack after the future one, regardless of what it may be. I'm sure we'll get more store content in the meantime, what with a new premium content item being released every month or so. Between the Massage Table, Baby Changing/Bathing station (that surprisingly does let you attend to your burritos)  and everything else, I'm confident that there's still much more to come!

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