Sunday, August 18, 2013

TS4 mods

We still have plenty of time until Ts4 hits store shelves, but I've been thinking lately about mods. Yeah I know, way too soon for that. Or is it? Perhaps Ts4 will be easier to mod than Ts3. Maybe the future Ts4 modders never got into modding Ts3 because they assumed it was complicated. Maybe someone reading this post will become a modder.

Unlikely as it sounds, the possibility isn't zero.

Depending on the strengths and limitations of this shiny new game engine we're supposed to be getting, mod functionality may end up in an ep, even the base game. I'm hoping for the possibility of households that span beyond the traditional cap of 8 sims. Realistically, if the sims team was going to do that the cap might only double to 16. 24 would be absolutely amazing!

True, most people may not like to micromanage that much, but raising the cap would just make it a possibility for crazy people like me!

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