Monday, August 12, 2013

In Game: Awayuki Household and hopefully shenanigans!

I've been meaning to update my sims 3 avatar for some time now, but as luck would have it, the exchange is borked again. Until that's resolved I've put my new simself up for download on mediafire, along with a couple of new characters, Himeno Awayuki from Pretear, and Link from the Legend of Zelda (or as best I could manage with no cc, Himeno really didn't need cc to get her look since the university apparel covered her school uniform quite nicely I think).

 I tried a couple of different hairstyles, but liked this one the best.

 This one's closer to my real style, but not close enough. My head doesn't look that squished at the top like that, otherwise it'd be great!

And this was Himeno, compare that to her school uniform...

All that's missing is the headband, otherwise she seems okay (although I had to sub a shirt for her 'sweater', the colour scheme fit better than most other outfits.

Her everyday wear was a little bit tougher... and her PJs will definitely need work later. She's a very colourful dresser!

Girls's dorm - Shared by my simself (hence the clutter) and Himeno.

Actually I've got art clutter all over the house!

The kitchen...

And top right is link, or as best I could manage...

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