Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sims 3 Store Content: Business as Usual Bistro

I may have already said this (if not here, somewhere on the Sims 3 forums) but if I was excited before, now I'm REALLY excited! The open restaraunt venue has been released, and now has a name!

 But that's not all, have a look at this excerpt from Simguru Graham's blog entry...

"Design is a lot like shopping on a budget. You only get so many days of development in each department –Art, Audio, Engineering, etc. – to make something really special. Having a Non Player Character (or NPC for short) work on a Store item was always something that was too big for that budget… until now."

 That's a pretty bold statement right there! While quite a few simmers have been after the feature, skeptics insisted that the venue won't even hold a candle to what it could've been if it were included in an expansion. And then there's the matter of servers. Just how do you run a restaurant without employees?

"This is no ordinary stovetop! While you can fix a quick meal here, the magic really happens when you Hire a Chef and Set Your Menu! Setting your menu allows you to customize the type of dining experience you want for your bistro. Do you only serve vegetarian meals or the best cheese steaks in town? You decide!"

 So like we did with Island Paradise, we now gain the ability to hire employees! This is definitely a first with store content, and (hopefully) not a last! Unfortunately your own sims won't be able to serve, but they can use the oven to practice and gain cooking skill! Furthermore, placing the oven on a residential lot opens up the option of having a personal chef!

But there's alot more to it than just what I've covered here, for more details, check out the full blog entry. I'm anxious to get my hands on this one myself, along with the dance studio venue!

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