Friday, July 19, 2013

My Experience with Customer Support: Part III

I'd been waiting for those pesky glitched points to be recalled to home base, or wherever it is they come from, but a somewhat interesting development has occurred in this little saga of mine. The 5000 points I'd been trying so hard not to touch were partially sapped through a 'free' promotion in the Sims 3 store (see: Complete your Set Discount). For a moment I thought I'd actually gained 50 points, because the last two digits said '56' and I'd been watching those to make sure the '06' never changed. I should've been watching the '50', because that became a '20' when I refreshed the page after a purchase maybe 10 minutes later. That's an offset of 2950 (nearly 3000) points!

What scares me is that I already have my money back, it's sitting in my PayPal account, no longer on temporary hold. It was at that point I was lead to believe that the points would disappear from my balance, and I'd only see the 6 that were left of my originally planned purchase. Someone else with the same issue was told by the live chat assistant not to spend the refunded points or they could not refund her.

In a sense, I'm in a position where I committed fraud, although it was only possible due to two instances of technical errors with their site, and their electronic database. Otherwise I only conducted one purchase transaction. Obviously unintentional, but vexing nonetheless. I followed the instructions in their promotion correctly, and obtained the items I was lead to believe were free of charge.

I should've clued in when others were being overcharged the same way, but how do you ask for a refund when you've already been refunded?

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