Monday, February 25, 2013

Drawing & Writing

For aspiring artists, he have easels, sketchbooks, and drafting tables (one is only accessible if you own Ambitions and isn't usable by children to my knowledge, the other requires University and since it's related to your major, the chances of kids being able to use it are slim) For aspiring writers, if you don't own a computer, your sim pretty much can't afford to be literate. Doesn't matter how old your sim is.

What I'd like to see is a box of crayons that can be used by both toddlers and children. Toddlers could probably just sit on the floor in front of a piece of paper and make adorable little scribbles (or maybe draw on the walls, and mom or dad has to clean it off later). Kids could probably sit at a desk or table and have the crayons sitting out, or lay on the floor while they doodle. Another cute way to build up their art skill would be to have a box of watercolor paints. If not, either object could make for some darling clutter! Or we could always have some kind of art desk for kids, like one of these...

See all those paints? and pencil cups? Perfect for art clutter!
Everything is neatly organized

Don't forget the storage! This would be perfect for a daycare!

Speaking of clutter, I'm liking the look of the clutter items from university. I'd have to find the screenshot but I thought I saw some art clutter stuff. I haven't seen any like that since the last time I had CC in my game (long before my first expansion/stuff pack), in particular things from the Books & Co, Office Time Clutter,  and Creative Corner sets from Simcredible Designs (I also liked the look of Petala Decor and Magazine Mania from them, but those may have been more recently added). I'd absolutely love if EA made some more book clutter and art supplies to leave strewn all over the room. I like doodling and sketching in real life so if I ever wanted to make my own room I could do so. Another thing I'm a little bit disappointed in. Why was there not piles of presents as some form of clutter item(s)? Seasons would've been an awesome time to add those.

Now for writers... although this could be a neat object for artists too. Have you ever kept a private journal, or doodled in your math notebook? I think this'd be a neat feature for the sims. You can build skills without shelling out for an expensive easel or computer, and if you slap on some kind of 'read diary' interaction, sims could get upset with one another (maybe a little embarrassed) over the book's content. The potential for new moodlets is there as well, or we could just recycle old ones, take your pick. I for one would like to see a "You read my diary!?!" sort of moodlet!

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