Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Into the Future Producer Walkthrough

There's plenty of information in here. Not sure if it answers anyone's questions yet (unless you wanted to know more about how time travel works) but both the utopian and dystopian futures are shown (as well as how to go about creating them). There also looks to be at least one new trait confirmed, 'Unstable'.

As to what this means, I'm not sure yet. Do they mean emotionally unstable or somehow unstable in the sense of the space time continuum? I've already heard one source suggest that the unstable trait can affect the possibility of your descendants accidentally popping out of existence. That and if you're quick enough, apparently there's ways to save them.

Also, the space time continuum can be 'reset' if they have a high enough level in the Advanced Technology skill. I'm hoping this doesn't have to be done for the sake of debugging...

We'll also get to see new loading screens that seem to be a minigame of sorts. The prize? Lifetime happiness points of course!

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