Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Experience with Customer Support Part II

While it's certainly not the most logical thing to do at nearly 2 in the morning (especially not with work the next day), I couldn't sleep so I prepared everything I wanted to say when I eventually spoke to another customer support person. Don't ask me how, but I actually managed to connect after 2-3 attempts.

The person was nice enough to go over the details of the issue, and pointed out that the charge and refund were visible on my account, even gave me the name of the person who'd served me originally (I know I should've written down his name in the first place, but since the refund was processed I thought that'd be that, needless to say I wrote down both their names this time around). When I was able to ask him about the glitch, he simply told me that it'd be straightened out when the money was back in my hands. It'd be hard to give an exact time frame but 'it'd be fixed real soon'.

Fair enough, right?

Paypal is probably going to be the main holdup here because they put a hold on the refund, and if that takes 5-7 business days I'm likely looking at next week, earliest this Friday.

Until then I just need to be careful I don't spend anything else on the store (although other people have been having problems just purchasing simpoints, even though a new set just came out). I suppose I can just use the time to budget my next purchase if/when I eventually make it (I really want the Dance Studio now).

Now it's just a waiting game, and at very least I can have a more restful sleep.

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