Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dave & Buster Style Arcade

If you've been to Dave & Busters or any ticket arcade, you know that they're big, they're loud, and packed with craziness! In the beginning of the Sims 3 series we didn't have much, but Late Night introduced the arcade machine and that's where things began to take off.

Skeeball machines are usually present at proper ticket arcades, and while they didn't have a high ticket yield in my experience, they were still lots of fun!

Basketball hoops are another arcade staple, and even pop up at smaller arcades adjoining movie theatres like Silvercity (if you live in the area where they have those you know what I mean).

You'll see pinball machines and game consoles just about everywhere you look, although those don't always yield tickets. In my experience with arcades, the only machines with any ticket yield usually require reflexes or luck, like spinning wheels, reflex testers (like that blasted stacker) etc.

And here's the same layout with a different style of wallpaper. This one looked alot more fun but it's also very busy! The waterfall lights from Island Paradise looked really good here, and I plan on using them again for various clubs and performance venues!

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