Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Initial University Bugs

Thus far I've only encountered minor bugs with the smart phones (although I've had some problems with interactions cancelling, though I suspect that mood may have been a factor for certain cases since it started before University). My normal file seemed okay (except for Mila not being able to text her boyfriend for some reason), the HMO sims file had problems where not all sims had been updated to the smartphone, despite social networking being an option, it still said 'cell phone' in their pie menu. Everybody was updated properly when I saved them to bin, demolished/replaced the lot and household, and went back to play as normal. I'll be trying this with my other save file to see if other per-university glitches go away as well.

At first it looked like this could've been due to simport, but Toue's phone got an upgrade even when Nami and Vani's didn't. I'm guessing it was either due to the save being created before installing the new EP, or just a fluke. Whatever it was, I hope it's resolved now. Regular episodes and gameplay will resume as planned. Worst case scenario, same characters, different save file.

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